WELCOME TO: Petrolines Company

     PETCO took over the operation-ship from Greater Nile Operating Company (GNPOC) on 1st September 2014, as a first Sudanese national company to be responsible for operation of the crude pipeline and associated facilities. The pipeline is 28” Outside diameter, having length of 1504 KM, from Heglig in south kordofan to Marine Terminal (MT) at Port Sudan.

The facilities along the pipeline & MT including the followings:
• Six pumping stations, including diesel generators, air compressors …etc.
• Side stream injection station at Umadara , receiving crude oil from Star oil and Petro-energy.
• Two off takes metering stations, feeding refineries at Elobeid & Khartoum.
• 19 Block valves, which used to isolate the line in case of any abnormal operation.
• Marine terminal, which includes 8 crude storage tanks, shipping and boosters pump, subsea line & loading facilities.

All these facilities are controlled remotely by SCADA system from a centralized Main Control Centre (MCC) located in Elgaily 60 km north of Khartoum. An integrated high speed digital telecomm. network (Fiber Optic), utilized to providing voice and data services between MCC and all sites.

PETCO is also responsible for the Pipeline integrity by doing regular inline inspection and Repairs.
The Operation, overhaul and maintenance activities of pumping stations prime movers are carried out by PETCO Staff.
Also, Administrative and Management activities are the responsibilities of PETCO, to manage and transport crude oil for shippers safely to meet expectations of both clients & Shareholders.