PETCO Balanced Scorecard (BSC)

 BSC Components  Objectives  Measures /KPIs  Targets

Shareholders 'Value

(Creating value to the Government)

Optimize operating cost

Unit Transportation Cost


Net profit

+5% from 2016

Maintain assets safety and integrity.

Assets Integrity

100% implementation of PL repair and MT tanks plan

95% PM Plan Implementation

Assets Safety

100% security plan implementation

System Availability

Zero unplanned Downtime; 97% availability

Maintain integrity, transparency and governance in Managing Company performance and reporting to Government

Approval by BoD

Zero rejection

Approval by MC/TC/HRC

Zero reversed decision by BoD

Audit report findings


2% non compliance

Strategic initiatives development

Strategic initiatives in place

All Departments Bring 2 initiatives/Cost Optimization

Market Focus /Customer

(Establishing or Facilitate Network, MOUs and Benchmarking)

Ensure the transportation agreements are in place and fairly implemented.

# Of Demurrage caused by PETCO

Zero Demurrage

Crude Quality “BS&W Ratio”

0.5 % Max

Operation insurance coverage.

Timely Operational  insurance cover

Zero loss

PETCO branding and image

CD program implementation

100% of the CD plan implementation

Collaboration with BOD/MoP


Quarterly update sessions on PETCO performance

Implement BoD decision upon set time

Process /Operational Excellence

(Development/Installation/enhancement of processes, upgrade)

Implementation of effective maintenance policy .

Critical Equipment availability

97% availability

Enforce QHSE Standards.


Zero LTI

Oil Spill

75 Barrels /On shore 15 Barrels/Off shore/Year

Apply Effective emergency response plan.

Number of drills

One (1) annual testing each for Pipeline & MT.

12 drills per facility

Learning & Growth  /Organization Learning

(Capability Building; Knowledge Sharing; Staff Development, etc...)

Develop High Caliber and satisfied staff.

Implementation of EPMS phase 2

By December 2017 95% stick to Implementation Plan

Structured training & Development programs for staff

95 % TP Implementation “Actual vs Planned”

Maximize employee engagement sessions by Management

HQ – 2 x a year

2 x a year